Is Fantasy Cricket Legal in India.

In fantasy games, participants create their own fantasy team, selecting real players from teams designed to play in real match. Fantasy cricket which comes under online cricket cash games put forward two model - “free play model” and “pay to play model.” As the names imply, the free gaming model does not require an entry fee for the user to participate, and in the another model, participants are required to pay the entry fee to register for the competition. The gaming model not only creates operator revenue but is a visible source of revenue for the government through deductions from participant income and property and service tax calculated.

Understanding Fantasy games

Fantasy is a game that requires users to create their team (based on a certain process) from a list of real game players scheduled to play a live game on a given day. Users typically has to pay to participate in the contest. Users create their team on their knowledge of the game, attention, experience, and firmness about the underlying game depending on the performance of the actual game players selected by the user to play in his/her team, the user score points. Points are awarded to users according to the beat sheet and the performance of their selected players in the real game. Like in case of fantasy cricket a user can choose player from both the teams and create their own unique team. The users are given points based on how the real match turns out to be and the players that they have selected for the match how they have performed. This factor makes the real cash cricket game, a game of skill and not of a chance.

Legal status

The legitimacy of fantasy games in India depends on whether the game qualifies as a ‘skill game’ or a ‘lucky game’. Lucky games fall under the desire to gamble and are thus restricted by the country's gambling laws. However, games involving a tangible and tangible skill (statistically, more than 50%) are outside the rules of gambling and are therefore legal in India.

Fantasy game is a game of skill rather than game of chance. In addition, the courts have used the 'prominence of skills testing' to determine whether horse racing and card games such as rummy and poker are 'skill games'.

Users need to use great skills, judgment, and understanding while creating their fantasy team and earn money by playing online cricket games


Fantasy games Regulation

Only a few countries regulate online gambling. For example, the State of Nagaland officially recognizes fiction games as a skill game and requires a license to use/donate such games, and the Sikkim State requires a license to be available for the conduct of any online gambling.

The governor of Tamil Nadu recently announced a law banning fantasy games. The move comes as the Madras Supreme Court continues to deal with two PILs embroiled in related issues, one of which is blocking online games and the other seeking action by celebrities who authorize online games.

Fantasy games are no longer an unknown concept in India. With the launch of fantasy gaming websites, which has recently become the first Unicorn to play in India, fantasy games have taken the front seat. According to a recent IFSG-KPMG report, there are about 20+ million fantasy cricket players in India right now and that number is expected to rise to 100+ million. However, despite its growing popularity, there is no official definition or inclusion of a list of games that can be termed “fantasy games”. With India's online gaming industry set to become a billion-dollar industry by 2021, the entire online fiction game industry is set to see significant growth, making it important to understand the law on fantasy games in India.

With this we conclude that fantasy games in India are legal as long as the winning is based on skill rather than chance which happens in case of lottery system. With current knowledge about the cricket game and form of the player's anyone can play fantasy cricket and win real cash

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