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Playing fantasy cricket is a craze nowadays. There are users who earn thousands of rupees by just playing online fantasy cricket. One just needs to have appropriate knowledge of cricket and keep an eye on the present performances of the players. Any cricket passionate can easily make big amount of money all the way through doing something they absolutely be in love with.

It is an online cricket game in which a virtual team of real cricket players is formed and points are scored depending on their real-life performance. As to win a tournament, players must achieve maximum points and the highest rank on the scoreboard. The industry of fantasy cricket is completely legal. Thus, one can play fantasy cricket without any fear.

Playing fantasy cricket needs just basic knowledge of cricket and analysis. It is also the cause why it is known as a skill-based game. The goal of a fantasy cricket match to outscore the opponent by as large of a margin as possible.

Online Fantasy crickets can be played in three international forms: One Day International, Twenty20 and Test Cricket. Playing it can help one earn real cash. For that, one needs to choose a match, first. It can be domestic, international, or premier leagues.

Creation of a good team is really important. It is about picking all-rounder players who would perform well. Depending upon the type, duration, and location of the match, the performance of the players may vary. Deciding a better captain and vice-captain is also very significant for winning more points. Keeping a fair idea of the player’s stats not just increases the points but also increases one’s knowledge about cricket players. Consideration of pitch before choosing the players is also important.

After, forming a team of 11, one must join a contest. Joining a small contest first can aid one to analyze the team’s performance. Once the match starts, the points add up automatically according to the player’s live performance.

After the end of the match, the team’s rank is displayed on the scoreboard.

Corresponding to the rankings, the winning amount is given.

If you're getting into the planet of fantasy match for the foremost time, there's no necessity to fear and all you must to do is to have an eye on some quick check list and make sure that you've got studied well about the most recent cricket trends. It’s absolutely very easy today because of the handiness of lot of fantasy cricket guide available online. Many a times the beginners have this great fear that online cricket is illegitimate but all such beginners is completely guaranteed that playing fantasy premiere league is 100% legal, wise and legit mode to earn money online. All you have to is an internet, mobile phone with onfield11 fantasy cricket app ( and a particular knowledge about cricket. You’ll also have an eye on online cricket games tips and tricks so as to examine the most recent happening about upcoming cricket match.

 All you have to ensure –

 • Download onfield11 ( top fantasy cricket app

 • Register by your mobile number, email or social accounts. You will get a sign up bonus Rs. 50

 • Choose any of upcoming series from the list given

 • Pick the list of top 11 players out of the 100 credits available to obtain the players

 • Each player there's shown his individual point value which you have to logically spend that you simply consume 100 credits by keeping some strong players within the topmost11 picks.

• Once your team is formed, endorse to form a copy of same team and make a slender alternative by changing either captain or wise captain. It’s never recommended that you just join multiple leagues/matches with the equivalent team.

• Especially while you wish to participate into the mega leagues/matches, it's highly recommended that you simply insert a minimum of 2-3 different teams so your possibilities of winning becomes higher against nominal fees of a mega leagues

By following these above simple steps, you'll be able to start your online fantasy cricket onfield11 journey with us. Just create your fantasy cricket league team and compete with real-time players. Download the onfield11 Fantasy cricket App Now.

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